Totally Tiffany Die-Namic Die StorageGreetings to all!

I have been taking an organization course over at scrapbook.com.  It has been very worthwhile.  I’ve gotten a lot of really good ideas to make my studio and my scrapbooking much more efficient!!

When I got to the lesson on organizing your dies, I was pretty excited about the product that was discussed.  The Totally Tiffany Die-Namic Die Storage System.  I was all set to order a bunch of these very efficient-looking little suitcases, but a couple of reviews made me hesitate.  So I just ordered one to see for myself.  Last night I spent a very frustrating 30 minutes trying to get these little cards to work as described.  The photo on the front of the package looks great (notice it is not in the photo above!).  However, there were so many flaws in the design, I would not even know where to begin describing them to you!  Suffice to say that I am DEFINITELY NOT recommending this product.  I only hope that I can find another use so my $20 investment won’t go completely to waste.

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