December is right around the corner, and with that, the start of a brand new Scrapbook Club cycle! With all of the chaos and uncertainty due to Covid, last cycle saw a lot of changes to how the Scrapbook Club works. Read on to find out all the details!

Main “Club” points:

  • The Scrapbook Club is FREE to join!
  • There will be groups of 5 people for each “club”. You can either make up your own club with you and 4 friends, or, if you’re on your own, I will put you in a group.
  • Everything will be uploaded to our Facebook Group (layouts, along with cutting & assembly guides, as well as any other information needed, like Cricut links & instructions, pre-recorded videos, special instructions, supply lists, etc.).
  • Each month, one person in each club will be the recipient of the perks (and hostess if you all decide to meet in person). I will set the rotation at the beginning of the cycle.
  • The commitment is a minimum $35.00 CTMH order (before taxes/shipping) each month, December 2021 to May 2022, no later than the 15th of each month.
  • In return for your monthly order, I give you access to everything you need to create a minimum of three 2-page, 12 x 12″ scrapbook layouts designed by me. Each month I work with a theme or technique across all the layouts.
  • All monthly club layouts are “Kits Your Way” which means you will decide which items from the Supply List (if any) you are going to order. It’s totally up to you! Create the layouts or not. Replicate them exactly or modify them to your photos and liking!


  • Hostess Rewards for the total group order in your month (guaranteed minimum 1 – 50% off item, and then depending on your group’s orders that month, goes up from there)
  • One FREE ink pad of your choice in “your” month
  • Access to free, in-person & virtual Club meetings each month
  • Free attendance for that month’s Scrap Away Virtual Crop Event (or other in-person crop events as they come up)
  • Invitation to a private Facebook Group where you can access the collections for all five months in perpetuity!
  • You can also collect outside orders in your month and receive credit for them
  • Access to my Signature Artwork!

The Supply List:

  • contains EVERYTHING that I used to create the layouts
  • includes the links to those products on my CTMH shopping site.
  • includes products that are available in a current catalogue or online.

Each month:

  1. I will have the artwork photos and supply list uploaded to the Facebook Group by the 10th (at the latest).
  2. You will place your order through my CTMH shopping site or through me.
  3. I will be available through Zoom once each month for tips, tricks and to answer questions. Each Zoom session will be recorded and then added to our Facebook Group
  4. If you are a local (to Calgary and area) group and you’d like to meet in person, I will be scheduling an in-person event at my studio (as restrictions allow).
  5. Depending on the layouts, I may do pre-recorded videos or additional instructions. Each month will vary.

Any questions/ready to join, please email me! Sure Scraps a Lot

I hope you’ll give the groups a try!


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