Is this you?

or is this you?

Or maybe this?😮

Talking to a few ladies over the past few weeks, I realized that it’s time for another MESSY CRAFT ROOM CHALLENGE!!!🤗🤗 So here we go:

The Goal:

You will clean out/reorganize/purge (whatever you need to do) at least one area in your craft room/craft area/studio that’s in desperate need.

The Steps:

  1. You need to send me a BEFORE photo/video of your MESSY CRAFT ROOM. You can post it in the comments here, or send it to me via email (and I will post it for you).
  2. Make a plan for cleaning out/reorganizing/purging – whatever you’re going to do!
  3. You need to commit (out loud/in writing) to that plan! Same deal: either post it in the comments here, or send your commitment to me via email (and I will post it for you).
  4. Get to work!!
  5. You need to post (or send me so I can post) a photo/video of your work in progress. No later than Thursday, January 27th at 9:00 PM MT!
  6. You have til Thursday, February 10th to post your AFTER photo/video.

The Rules:

  1. To be a part of the challenge (and maybe winning the prize) you must complete all 6 steps, by all of the deadlines.
  2. You MUST post pics/videos of YOUR OWN space! 🤣🤣
  3. This challenge is open to anyone across Canada that has placed a minimum $50 CTMH order (before shipping/taxes) with me in the past 30 days (up to and including Friday, January 21, 2022).
  4. Each person can enter the challenge one time.
  5. One person (that has complied with all “The Rules” will win a shopping spree of $60 in the “Organization” tab of my CTMH shopping site!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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