Ever bothered and fussed over adhering those finicky (but beautiful) detailed die cuts and Cricut cuts?  I found a better way!

I was looking through some YouTube videos a while back, and happened across this one by Connie Stewart:


Man oh man.  How simple is that??!!!  I showed some of my friends and they were impressed too!  So why am I sharing this video with you today?  Because I took it upon myself to put together some kits that will enable you to use this technique as well (without having to buy a whole sponge, a whole box of butterfly clips, and a big non-stick mat)! The cost for each kit is $12.00.

This is what my kit looks like (after using it several times):

Adhesive Kit

This is what you will get in your new kit:

1 tube of Tombow white glue

1 piece of non-stick mat (approximately 7 x 10″)

1 wedge of sponge (with the butterfly clip attached)

one glue eraser (to clean the mat after you’re done gluing)

All you need to add to complete the kit, is a small container to hold the sponge after use. 

If you’d like to hear more, or to order a kit, simply leave me a comment, or email to info@surescrapsalot.com

Until next time


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