Our 2022 monthly album program – CALENDAR GIRLS!!!

I am beyond excited to announce this new monthly offering! Once you have read through the details I think you’re going to be excited too.😊


  • If you register before December 31, 2021 and purchase BUNDLE A, you will receive A 25% discount AND as a BONUS, your choice of Everyday Life 12 x 12″ album (either Blue Belle or Julep).
  • The entire, completed project will be based on the 12 x 12″ size with additional shapes/sizes of page protectors added each month.
  • Each month there will be a different focus (eg. technique, journaling, format, product, etc.), however, the pattern for each month’s pages will be similar.
  • Work at your own pace! You will have access to a pre-recorded video (on YouTube) each month to go through tips, tricks & techniques, as well as regular live Zoom Q & A meetings.
  • This ongoing project is appropriate for ALL LEVELS of expertise in scrapbooking.
  • You will need to have a basic toolkit of supplies available each month. **see below
  • Once the program begins January 3, 2022, registration will close.
  • The expectation is that you will be working forward on 2022. That means throughout each month you will make notes and take pictures about all the events and happenings, special or ordinary, going on in your life. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll head over to You Tube to check out how you are going to put everything together in your album!**Note: I will be working on the previous year (2021) just so I can be prepared ahead of time.


  • There will be different levels for purchasing materials, including an a la carte menu.
  • To begin, everyone will be required to purchase the “Remember Today” Layout & Calendar (no stamp set) bundle.
  • Discounts will be offered at various levels and for different products each month.
  • You will earn VIP credits (if applicable) for most items purchased.
  • There will be a monthly payment option available (see below Bundle A pricing).
  • There will be optional, additional purchases, each month. I will give you the best price I can! Always remember that these will be OPTIONAL!
  • If you are outside the Calgary area, feel free to order direct, and I will refund you the amount of your discounts or free product.
  • If you are in the Calgary and surrounding area, I would prefer to do the ordering for all of us!
  • You probably noticed that the packs of page protectors only have 10 in each. Once we get to October 2022, I will order the packs of page protectors and then divide them up amongst everyone and then just charge you for what you are actually using.
  • A $25.00, NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be required to register. The entire amount will be applied to your purchase of the Remember Today bundle. Once you have registered, and ordered your bundle, your spot in the group and your BONUS album, are guaranteed.


It’s important that you have a basic toolkit of supplies & tools to work with each month:

Calendar Girls Pricing

1. Initial bundle A (deposit paid by December 31, 2021):

Bundle A Includes

  • CC10213 Remember Today Calendar Kit (no stamp set) $63.50 (regular price $71.50)
  • Z4080 Storytelling Pack $10.75
  • Z4066 pack of 10 8 1/2 x 11″ page protectors $10.25
  • Z4233 pack of 10 6 x 6″ page protectors $9.00
  • Z3242 pack of 10 6 x 12″ Design 1 Pocket Plus page protectors $12.25
  • Z3245 pack of 10 4 x 12″ Design 4 Pocket Plus page protectors $10.25
  • 4110 pack of 10 12 x 12″ top load page protectors 16.25
  • Z334 Paper Envelope (you will get one) 5.00

Total Initial Bundle A Cost $116.98 + taxes

Total Bundle Cost$137.25
 – Sign Up Discount$34.00
Discounted Bundle Cost$103.25
Shipping Cost$13.73
Cost BEFORE taxes$116.98
Taxes (based on province of residence) 
(please note that shipping is always calculated on the full retail price of each item.)

If you want to purchase Bundle A and pay monthly for ten months, here’s how that works:

Total Bundle Cost $137.25

Shipping Cost $13.73

Taxes (based on 5%) $7.55

Grand Total $158.50

– deposit = 133.50

Cost for Bundle A is $15.00/month for ten months

2. Initial Bundle B (deposit paid by December 31, 2021) – This bundle will get you the first three months of the Combo Pack page protectors. After that, you will have to purchase the Combo pack separately for each month (see below for a la carte list).

Bundle B Includes

  • CC10213 Remember Today Calendar Kit (no stamp set) $63.50 (regular price $71.50)
  • Z4080 Storytelling Pack $10.75
  • Z4092 Combo Pack page protectors x 3 $20.25
  • Z334 Paper Envelope (you will get one) 5.00
Total Bundle Cost$99.50
Shipping Cost$10.75
Cost BEFORE taxes$110.25
Taxes (based on province of residence)
(please note that shipping is always calculated on the full retail price of each item.)

a la carte list – all prices listed are BEFORE shipping (which is based on full retail cost)/taxes

  • 12 x 12″ Everyday Life Album $30.00 (15% discount)
  • Z4092 Combo Pack page protectors $6.75
  • D1841 Story FYI Stamp Set $21.89 (15% discount)
  • X9036 Jan/Feb 22 Mix In Paper Pack 9.50
  • 1 pkg. Wood emb. (your choice of Brackets, Arrows, Stars, Hearts) 7.65 (15% discount)
  • 1 CUSTOM24 Cardstock pack colours TBD $21.89 (15% discount)
  • Z4080 Storytelling Pack $9.10 (15% discount)
  • Exclusive Cricut bundle (includes decorative, layered month titles and two or three appropriate images/icons) $40 ($36 if you purchase at the same time as Bundle A)

Whew! That’s a lot of information! If you have any questions, please let me know.


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