12 Days of Christmas – Sure Scraps a Lot Style! 

Day 4 – Saturday, December 15, 2018

Greetings this fine evening, and welcome back!

Tonight is all about story telling and Story by Stacy.

She has always been a very big fan of finding and telling and sharing stories. She explains that there are really two skill sets that go into scrapbooking. A scrapbooking skill set and a story telling skill set. When we start scrapbooking, we think we are going to do it all, but as time goes on we begin to focus more on the product and design of the actual scrapbook. We learn about design and colour and photography, putting things together in beautiful ways.

We can spend hours creating a scrapbook layout and then we tend to leave the little space for journaling – BLANK. You’re with me aren’t you? ‘Cause I know WE ALL do it. Do you ever wonder why it seems so difficult to fill that little tiny part of the page? Stacy knows why! We are actually using two different parts of our brain when we tell and share stories. One part helps us to design and build amazing layouts. A different part helps us retrieve and write stories, making them interesting and authentic.

We all have thousands and thousands of photos, stored on our phone or tablet, our computer, in the cloud, in boxes. You name it. But how often are we seeking out those photos to look at them and remember the story that goes along with them? Well Stacy’s Story Starter workbook helps you get started doing just that!

By now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with the 12 Days of Christmas! Well that’s the very cool part. I wanted to tell you what I’m doing for Christmas for my three great nephews. I have three different Story Starter Kits set aside. One for each of them.

The red one is going to be for Edward. It’s his favourite colour!

William’s going to get the striped book. It’s really bright and I think that fits his personality.

John is going to be getting the Black & White Polka Dots. Sorry John, it’s the only other choice left!

I’ve sorted through a lot of photos and decided to print out the ones from their visits here last summer. Mostly because they are fairly recent, and the boys should remember the events and places we visited.

Here’s the thing though – I’m not assembling the books ahead of time! That’s right. I am packaging everything up, as a kit. Because I want to make an experience out of the gift. And I want to encourage them to remember and start recording their own stories. And I want them to really feel like this story is their own. I know John is going to need someone to do it for him (he’s still pretty young), but he’s going to be there while it happens and be included every step of the way. So we will be sitting down together, and working through the photos and the mini book to make each one their own. I’m excited!

Now. Do you feel like this might be something you’d like to do with a family member or friend? If so, I have a deal for you! I have four kits left in stock: 2 red books and 2 polka dot books. They normally sell for $22.50 (including shipping & GST). This month CTMH has them on sale for $18.30 (including shipping & GST). I’m offering my in stock kits for $12.50! DO NOT DELAY cause when those four kits are gone, there’s no going back!!!

If you aren’t worried about getting a kit in time for Christmas, you can still take advantage of the sale that CTMH has going on right now, and save up to 30% on the entire Story Starter collection.  This sale will last until December 31, 2018. You can check it out here:  STORY STARTER SPECIAL.

If you have stayed with me to the end, then you are in for another treat. Leave me a comment here and tell me a topic that you’ve always wanted to scrapbook but haven’t yet. Everyone that leaves me a comment about this will receive a new Marvy Uchida LePen Journalling Pen, as a thank you from me for participating this evening.

Until next time


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